Kettering Health Network

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Kettering Health Network is a not-for-profit network of nine hospitals, one college, and more than 100 outpatients facilities serving western Ohio.
Charles F. Kettering had a vision for the use of innovative technology in everyday patient care in a community hospital setting.
His son, Eugene Kettering and Eugene’s wife, Virginia, set out to fulfill that vision by building a hospital in honor of Charles F. Kettering’s lifetime of work and achievement.
Eugene and Virginia saw firsthand the incredible difference that a quality, spirituality-based approach to health and healing can have. During the polio epidemic of the 1950s, they witnessed inspiring care at Hinsdale Hospital near Chicago. Hinsdale Hospital was part of the health care mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church.
Eugene and Virginia decided the Seventh-day Adventist church would operate the new hospital. Their vision was fulfilled in 1964 when the doors opened on Charles F. Kettering Memorial Hospital.
While the hospital has grown into a Network of local hospitals throughout Southwest Ohio, the sacred work that began then continues today.