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Rare is the destination that provides activities at every turn, and yet, never hems you in. But here, in the rolling hills east of Dayton, between Cincinnati and Columbus, is a destination so free with itself, it defies conventional definitions. Instead, it is a diverse mix of attitudes and adjectives: laid-back, creative, friendly, beautiful, agricultural, energy, flight, freedom, tradition, and spirit. And while it may have a structured side, it’s never routine.
That’s because here, amongst main streets and meadows, there is space enough to move outside routine. Here, there is an inherent spirit of adventure. You can still summon the child-like joy of discovering something new and unexpected. You just have to get outside the limits of the city… beyond its rules… to a place that inspires creativity at every turn…Greene County. Imagine your soul infused with the lush, organic greens of Maples, Buckeyes and Pines. Imagine a palette of seasonal amber against dark, rich earth… the bright red of a barn, the stark white of a farmhouse against rows and rows of leafy greens…the pristine white of cloud streaks against an indigo sky.
Now, take all the colors of nature’s crayon box and color outside the lines.
Forget who you’re supposed to be and go with what feels right. Jump on a bike and explore an unmarked path. Conquer a rocky cliff. Ford a stream. Pick a fruit and eat it fresh. Or just lay on your back in a grassy park watching those clouds turn into art. Greene County offers room to be truly free. Free from rules, free to express yourself however you please. It’s an escape for your body and your spirit. And it will leave you refreshed, restored… renewed.
Head for the place that’s named for vibrant color. And color…outside the lines.
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1221 Meadowbridge Drive Suite A Beavercreek Ohio 45434