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Contact: Greg Lloyd
Work 6048 Wilmington Pike Bellbrook Ohio 45459 Work Phone: 937-848-5800 Website: A+ Cleaners


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The Dry Cleaning process and its dryer, and not your home washing machine is the answer here. The process does tackle the most harmful microorganisms.  Dry cleaning uses special chemicals to help get the dirt removed, and at the same time, the strong heat in the dryer does it for the germs! The steaming procedure at the end of the dry wash in chemical solvents, besides being effective for easing out wrinkles, also removes any unwanted residual materials and effectively kills bacteria.

Dry cleaning is able to tackle germs precisely because of the multilayered dry heat exposure of the clothing that would literally killmost organisms left in the fabric. Any high heat dry cleaning or drying for about 30 minutes is the surest and most effective way to kill various bacteria and viruses.

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6048 Wilmington Pike Bellbrook Ohio 45459